About Your Local Health Department

You can contact your local health department to learn more about the various methods of groundwater recharge. If you are finding that your local area does not have safe and clean drinking water, then you should take immediate action. This will help you avoid the spread of diseases like cholera and typhoid that often occur when ground water sources are contaminated. Groundwater is the source that provides the basic water supply for human consumption. Without it, we cannot survive

Groundwater can be distributed to different locations by using a number of different means. One such method is through public drinking water systems. Another method is through the use of treatment plants that remove contaminants in drinking water. And, the last method is through the direct injection of treated municipal waste water into remote borehole wells. (Source: US Bureau of Land Management)

Treating our sewage involves three steps. First of all, the water is filtered. Then, the impurities are removed through a secondary treatment plant. Finally, tertiary treatment removes any remaining byproducts of the filtering process. Tertiary treatment removes synthetic chemicals such as petroleum products and others that are not soluble in water.